Estate Manolesakis

The Manolesakis family is engaged in the viticulture and the winemaking since 1989, a crucial period that coincides with the revival of the Adriani vineyard by planting cosmopolitan French varieties (Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot & Syrah). George Manolesakis is amongst the first if not the very first people who revived the viticulture in this historic area with and the precious help of his dear son Stavros Manolesakis, they are personally taking care of the cultivation of the vines as well as of the production of the Estate’s wines, while keeping in mind to respect of what mother Nature dictates, along with the optimization of the wine production process and so the vines can deliver characteristic microclimate (terroir) region, which is the primary goal of this effort.

The main goal of the people of the Estate is the production of high quality wines exclusively from the privately owned vineyards in order to highlight the particularities of each variety – always in perfect harmony with the microclimate and soil of the vineyards – the typical characteristics of the terroir of the region.




OENOPS WINES was founded in late 2015 by Nikos Karatzas at the region of Drama, a place that since the ancient years has been known for winemaking. Our main goal is to produce high quality authentic wines, with minimal intervention. For that reason, we are searching aged vines of indigenous varieties and exceptional terroirs throughout North of Greece and the most important, for passionated vignerons in order to build longtime collaborations. We practice environmentally friendly techniques in both the vineyard and the cellar. In only 2 years that they are in the market, our wines are exported in divers
countries such as: USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, France, Nederland, Belgium and Cyprus.



Domaine Lazaridis

In 1979 Costas Lazaridis, “infected” by the … wine bug in Germany, where he spends a lot of time for the family marble business, establishes in Xiropotamos, on the slopes of mount Falakro, around his house, the first modern linear vineyard in Drama.
In 1986 follows another first for Costa Lazaridi. He builds the only, at the time, modern winery in the region, to vinify the grapes of his private vineyards and owned by his company “Constantinos Lazaridis, Winery – Bottling company”. The building, which still stands, is not in use any more but there plans to turn it into a museum to mark the beginnings of a successful story. The equipment will be later sold to “Lazaridis WIAC SA”, founded in 1987, with his brother Nico where he remained as President and Managing Director until the end of 1991. Then, the paths of the two brothers separate since their visions about wine differ radically.



Wine Art Estate

Wine Art Estate was created by the civil engineer Yannis Papadopoulos and the architect Yannis Kalaitzidis, both successful professionals in their own field. Yannis Papadopoulos planted in 1993 a small family vineyard in Mikrochori and started, as a hobby, to vinify his first wines in a small simple outlet. Two years later, in 1995, Yannis Kalaïtzidis joined the venture. The result was Wine Art Estate and the first range of products, Techni Alipias, a red, a white and a rosé wine, were introduced and gained immediately their share of the quality wines market. Wine Art aims to present how well certain Greek and cosmopolitan varieties are adapted to the microclimate of Drama. Towards this direction, a new wine, Chardonnay Idisma Drios was put to market in 1999. This was the first of a new range of products, Idisma Drios (“sweetly oaked”), to be followed by Assyrtiko, Merlot and Syrah. In great vintages, the Estate also vinifies a limited quantity of Nebbiolo.


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Pavlidis Estate

The Estate winery was conceived and constructed by Panagiotis Hatzinas; it is situated in the north side of the Kokkinogia vineyard. With clean, austere surfaces and wholly shielded with limestone, it refers directly to New World winery style.
The winery was designed according to the functional use of space and machinery. State-of-the-art technological equipment was selected on the basis of a minimum processing of grapes, must and wine in order to protect and reveal the fruit’s full potential.
The ground floor is used as vinification cellar, equipped with modern inox tanks for fermentation and stocking purposes, and also lodges a hall for bottle ageing and conservation. Wine from tanks is transferred by gravity to the underground cellar, where, under continuous control of ambient conditions, the wine matures in oak barrels from central and northern France for a period of several months. In the centre of the underground cellar is situated the impressive tasting room with a breathtaking view of the barrels.



Château Nico Lazaridi

We chose the local community Agora in the Prefecture of Drama to establish our innovative and modern winery. It was not a random choice, as we took into consideration all the necessary elements so as the production processing to take place as near the harvest location as possible. This way, our people will be able to produce fine wines and store them in ideal conditions, before they reach the consumers.The winery, with its special architecture, is built inside the main vineyard. The building is fully adjusted to the natural environment and one can observe from it all the tasks taking place in the vineyards. Its state-of-the-art equipment guarantees the production of wine of the highest quality.




A large 4,000 sq m castle-house, inspired architecturally by the Old Macedonian Mansions, is our place. It is located between Doxato and the Adriani of the Prefecture of Drama. Five buildings united, structured in three levels. The ground floor functions as a production-bottling and storage space. It is structured to facilitate the works of the winery and is fully equipped with the most modern winemaking tools: sorting carpet, excavator, pneumatic press, stainless pre-cryogenic extraction tanks for white and rosé wines, stainless fermentation tanks and stabilization with controlled system Cooling. A total of 42 tanks totaling 400,000 liters with a maximum production of 250,000 liters of wine per year. As a natural continuity of the tank space, the bottling area is independent. The automatic bottling machine includes a bottle washing system, filling with ready-made wine and natural cork placement. The bottles are placed in large pallets in the storage area.



Domaine Michaelidi

In 1924, Kostas Semertzidis, the grandfather of winemaker Iordanis Michaelidis, leaves Asia Minor as a refugee and starts making wine in Kyrgia, Drama. The small family-owned winery begins to grow when Simos Michaelidis takes over and expands the Lagotopos vineyard in 1970, while laying a foundation towards the innovation of the production. The third generation, expressed through Iordanis Michaelidis, takes over in 2004 aiming at developing an advanced winery and producing high quality wines that combine current winemaking processes together with local tradition, in the best way possible. It is then when the first labels of the Domaine, Anthaleia and Melachro, are introduced.



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