Dramnognosi is a game of flavors, aromas, colors and tones. It’s a real celebration ranging from the vineyards in the countryside to the restaurants, hangouts and city streets, always wine-focused!

It is also a play on words:

Drama + Oenos (wine) + Geusignosia (tasting) = Draminognosia!

A journey full of images, flavors, colors and aromas through the paths of Dionysus. It is a unique tour of the Drama wineries where the culture of taste, wine and food is a special part of its identity. The taste of wine awakens memories and is transformed into a top gastronomic culture.

Drama slowly reveals the power of its multilayered identity and the place is identified with wine. Their doors to this festival open 7 wineries in the area in May, making a route through culture, wine tasting and gastronomy. Music, bicycles, colorful lights, secret and rare recipes, artistic events, discussions all form a unique context for this celebration.

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