The area of ​​Drama, as scattered archaeological finds prove, was in ancient times a vast vineyard, which justifies the worship of the god Dionysus in several places in the plain but also in Drama itself. But vine cultivation and wine production are not just a typical agricultural process. It is also a sign of prosperity and a level of culture. “Wine pleases the heart of man”. Wine Roads is an excursion proposal to the modern traveler.The route is complemented by remarkable restaurants, taverns and hotels, shops with traditional products and places with alternative activities. The international distinctions that the winemakers of Drama have received in recent years clearly show the excellent specifications of their units, the interest they invest in high winemaking and the excellent physical conditions provided by the land of Drama.

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Draminognosia is a game of flavors, aromas, colors and tones. It’s a real celebration ranging from the vineyards in the countryside to the restaurants, hangouts and city streets, always wine-focused!

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There are 7 wineries to visit and it’s worth visiting some of them, touring, tasting award-winning wines and learning more about wine production.