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Falakro Ski Center

The alpine landscape of Falakro mountain offers other activities as well as a simple walk, as it combines wonderful views in all directions: the Nestos river lake and the Bulgarian border, the magnificent Gorge of Pyrgi, the plain of Drama, Pangeo Mountain , Thassos Island, Athos peninsula, the Aegean Sea, and even Mount Olympus in ideal weather conditions.

An important comparative advantage of Falakro is the long period of snow cover due both to its geographical location and to the high altitude, as the base of the ski center is at 1720m and the slopes are at an altitude of up to 2232m

Today the Ski Center has 21 slopes of varying degrees of difficulty with a total length of 17 km with lengths ranging from 230m to 1500m but also long distance trails of more than 2500m. and a high altitude difference of 2232m. to 1615m. in northern slopes, suitable for sports events as well. In the ski center there are three ski lifts, one four-seater overhead chair, one two-seater and three baby lift, all serving 21 ski slopes, a snowmobile course, three chalets, two at the base of the ski center and one at the peak of the four-seater lift, with a panoramic view at an altitude of 2110m.

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