Off Road 4×4

Off Road 4×4 in Drama

Through dirt roads, trails and traditional settlements, we begin our exploration from the forests of Simida, Falakro, Menikio and of course the virgin Elatias forest..

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Off Road for Individuals

Off Road in our areas and routes in the Rhodope Mountains.

Duration: Adjustment
Points of interest: Metaxas Stronhold, Virgin forest, Falakro, Nestos river etc.
Participation:  1 to 3 vehicles.


Off Road for families and friends

Excursions are perfect for families and friends.

Duration: Adjustment
Points of interest: Sidironero, Papades, Nestos river, lakes, waterfalls etc.
Participation: 3 to 6 vehicles.


4χ4 Routes- Rhodope Mountains

High difficulty routes designed exclusively for demanding drivers and enthusiasts of extreme off road routes.

Duration: Adjustment
Points of interest: Symidas forest, Virgin forest, Nestos river.
Participation: 1 to 3 vehicles.
Season: Autumn, Winter and Spring.

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