The mountainous areas of Drama are a celebration of the diversity in nature. In Europe’s forests, rarely one can admire so many species of the plant and animal kingdom to live harmoniously in a colorful landscape. The scientific interest in this place is the attraction of visitors from all over the world who observe this great biological laboratory of nature that has been hiding its secrets for centuries.

The significance of these areas led to the characterization of a large part of them as the Rodopi Mountain-Range National Park. This stretches from the northeastern slopes of Mount Falakro and continues north of the Nestos River to the Greek-Bulgarian border and the mountainous region of Xanthi.

The main point of this differentiation from any other forest is the coexistence of different species of broadleaf and conifers from small ages of low height to aged or dead trees of high altitude. Dense vegetation often obscures vison and also the forest is often impassable due to the fallen trees. It can be considered as a living natural laboratory with immeasurable scientific significance, which maintains its ecological balance, and in the future it will become more and more valuable especially as the need for environmental research increases.

It is a biotope of particular botanical interest that has been described as the “mountain of flowers”. Wild orchids, white dryads, succulents, crocus, rushes, primrose, oregano, thyme, mint and many, many others rare and common orchestrate a symphony for all the senses. Of particular interest in Falakro is the north side. On its densely forested slopes, north of the flow of the river Nestos, there lay ruins of old abandoned villages, literally drowned in oak, hornbeam, chestnut, ash and beech.

To the west of the prefecture of Drama, between the mountainous volumes of Orvilos and Vrontou lies the artificial lake of Katafito. This artificial wetland was created by constructing a dam to serve the irrigation needs of the locals. Numerous aquatic and wading birds are observed in the lake with a permanent or seasonal presence. The recreational works such as table-chairs, platforms, kiosks, etc. Create an excellent environment that can also be a starting point for acquaintance with the nearby mountain ranges.

As you have read so far, the area of Drama is characterized by the liquid element. Springs that form streams that join in tributaries, creating lakes that have sculpted the rock that decorate the canyons. The water is omnipresent and directly responsible for the unique beauty and immense variety of species that depend on it. Some of the works of art it has created for us are the following.




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