Gastronomy on the Land of Dionysos

The influence of Dionysus on the gastronomy of Drama…

The god Dionysus was worshiped in the land of the Idonians. When the god Dionysus assumes the protection of flora and fauna, it is automatically linked to the existence of the phallus as an element of fertility. The widespread worship of the god in the country of the Hedones, which to a large extent, are still flooded with wild grapes. Excavations conducted a few years ago in the Neolithic settlements of the Sitagros and the Arcadikos of Drama have revealed seeds of wild grape, which were considered to be the oldest in Greece. The cultivation of the vine, especially in the prefecture of Drama, has been revived nowadays to such an extent that it is a serious economic resource for the country
Before the revival of systematic vine cultivation in the area of ​​Drama, we had cultivated the following villages: Petrousa, Choristi, Doxato, Nikiphoros, Agios Athanasios, Monastiraki, Kali Vrisi, north of the city of Drama, Ambelokipi etc. Of course, this type of viticulture was mainly aimed at proprietorship, and less on the marketing and production of alcoholic beverages, mainly for family use.
The wide worship of the god Dionysus in the land of the Hedonians is strongly demonstrated by the presence of his sanctuaries, inscriptions, idols, coins in which his form has been inscribed, angiography, myths, traditions, and the devaluations of his worship, who have survived to this day in many villages in the area.

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